Thursday, August 6, 2009

Path Of Miracles, Multimedia Design

I loved this project:

I was asked by world-renowned choral director Donald Nally to create a presentation to accompany his first concert of Joby Talbot's "Path Of Miracles", and amazing and complex a cappella choral piece depicting the pilgrim's journey of the path of St. James.

It was originally conceived as projected on two areas above the heads and to the sides of Nally's Crossing Choir. When I arrived in Philadelphia I took one look at the space and knew it had to be bigger. Donald agreed and we were able to project right down the middle across the entire chancel wall. We made these changes wthout the benefit of a full tech rehearsal (due to an unfortunate scheduling error by the facility) and I spent most of the night before and the day of the performance rewriting all 300+ cues to fit the new configuration.

It was a success, receiving much acclaim from the audience, yet I believe we can do better next time. And Donald has promised there will be another opportunity. This will allow me to refine some of the video elements that didn't quite work this first time around.

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