Thursday, August 6, 2009

OVERNIGHT - Feature Film Titles Sequence

After having a blast as Art Director of the film Overnight, by the wonderful writer/director Valerie Breiman, I was delighted to be brought back on board in post-production as the concept designer and illustrator for the animated title sequence.

Keyframe concept:

The idea was that was that, preceding the opening scene - a couple sharing an awkward Valentine's Day dinner - the credits would unfold as a series of new and vintage Valentine's Day cards. Rather than researching rights for a couple dozen cards we decided to make our own.

I single-handedly produced 25 original Valentines, many emulating vintage kids' cards, in only 25 days. I had a blast coming up with all the different designs and I'm happy to say Valerie loved them. Only a very few designs were rejected, and we ended up needing about 21 of the final designs. Some of my favorites I display here.

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