Thursday, August 6, 2009

Path Of Miracles, Multimedia Design

I loved this project:

I was asked by world-renowned choral director Donald Nally to create a presentation to accompany his first concert of Joby Talbot's "Path Of Miracles", and amazing and complex a cappella choral piece depicting the pilgrim's journey of the path of St. James.

It was originally conceived as projected on two areas above the heads and to the sides of Nally's Crossing Choir. When I arrived in Philadelphia I took one look at the space and knew it had to be bigger. Donald agreed and we were able to project right down the middle across the entire chancel wall. We made these changes wthout the benefit of a full tech rehearsal (due to an unfortunate scheduling error by the facility) and I spent most of the night before and the day of the performance rewriting all 300+ cues to fit the new configuration.

It was a success, receiving much acclaim from the audience, yet I believe we can do better next time. And Donald has promised there will be another opportunity. This will allow me to refine some of the video elements that didn't quite work this first time around.

Illustration - Film Titles Element

A painted element to be used in a titles sequence for Smokin' Aces @: Blowback. A Universal film. Client: Identity Studios, Los Angeles.

After initial work as concept designer for the action film title sequence, Identity Studios called me back in to illustrate this key element. A house of cards theme had been developed and they wanted to have something very sharp and sinister to cap off the sequence, to be animated with other 3D/2D elements.

Titles Concept, Feature Film

These are concept boards for an animated title sequence of Smokin' Aces 2: Blowback. Studio: Universal. Client: Identity Studios, Los Angeles. Project:TBA

I did a series of these boards in varying detail as a jumping-off point for the animators and artists who would create the final titles sequence. They wanted unfolding layers and a house-of-cards theme. This shows some of the main elements, plus a color palette and direction for texture. I was hired for initial concepts only, to get direction for the post team. Final credit style was developed by the post artists.

Concept Art, Feature Film

A concept piece for an indie Sci-Fi film, Client: Identity Studios, Los Angeles

This was used to visualize a key scene from the film using an existing location. An idea, for the filmmakers to nail down mood and style in the early planning phases.

OVERNIGHT - Feature Film Titles Sequence

After having a blast as Art Director of the film Overnight, by the wonderful writer/director Valerie Breiman, I was delighted to be brought back on board in post-production as the concept designer and illustrator for the animated title sequence.

Keyframe concept:

The idea was that was that, preceding the opening scene - a couple sharing an awkward Valentine's Day dinner - the credits would unfold as a series of new and vintage Valentine's Day cards. Rather than researching rights for a couple dozen cards we decided to make our own.

I single-handedly produced 25 original Valentines, many emulating vintage kids' cards, in only 25 days. I had a blast coming up with all the different designs and I'm happy to say Valerie loved them. Only a very few designs were rejected, and we ended up needing about 21 of the final designs. Some of my favorites I display here.

Art Direction - Event

client: Andrew Snyder/Catalyst

Large meeting, w/over 2500 attendees. In order to make the event more intimate, I created a 3/4 round stage with arena style screen placement and attendee seating.

All design elements - collateral graphics, multimedia, staging, even luggage tags - were placed in my hands to create a cohesive experience from invite to exit.