Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There Be Monsters...

I've just finished principal photography on a short film (one of four to be compiled in a feature length anthology a la Creepshow), and I hope to post a few set pics as soon as I'm allowed. I worked very early with the director on concept art for FX shots, and storyboards for action sequences. We knew it was going to be a tight shoot so we wanted to give the DP and FX team a really firm idea of movement and tone.

The film is a spoof of 1950s Atomic Age monster movies, and was great fun to help develop. It was tough and very fun all studio shoot. I got to build 1950s styled sets, which I loved. Details to come. (We have two location days and one FX day to shoot yet as of this writing.)

I worked with an entirely new crew this time and they were fantastic. When I came on board one of the four segments was already shooting. I decided to keep the same art department crew from that segment for mine and I've suggested to the producers that we bring them back for the others as well. Keeps consistency, keeps good people working.

One of the best parts of this show are the FX, the Chiodo brothers, who made an AMAZING puppet interpretation of the monster from my storyboards. SO exciting.

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