Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LOOK - The Series, Production Design

Police gear, body parts, bodily fluids, food labels, smashed guitars, drugs & drug paraphernalia, schoolbooks, signs, paintballs, U.S. Army gear, purses, knives, homeless shopping carts, sex toys...


Based on the multiple award-winning indie film of the same name, LOOK - The Series, by writer/director Adam Rifkin, is an incredibly insightful, unsettling and entertaining view of modern life, shot entirely from the perspective of security and surveillance cameras. We've all seen the jaw-dropping footage of crazy things average people do when they don't think anyone is watching. But in this day and age, when there are over 30 million surveillance cameras in the U.S., and the average person is photographed 200 times a day, could that jaw-dropping footage include us?

This was an incredibly challenging project. We broke a lot of new ground and I was honored to be on board. It was shot as if it were an independent film, with all 11 episodes of our first season taped at the same time. We were able to cover approximately 240 pages in 21 days. At times, I had to be three places at once.

(photo: Genevieve Garner)

This show is making quite a stir and has become a ratings leader in late night programming. It really captures the global technological zeitgeist, blending it with car-wreck entertainment and skillful verité.

(I also have a cameo.)

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